We are fertilizer Manufacturing Company established by the International Trading Company (ITRACOM). The Company is a subsidiary of FOMI Fertilizers, a Burundi based Company responsible for manufacturing and distributing a mixture of organic and mineral fertilizers (organo-mineral fertilizers) in the Great Lakes Region countries of Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, and the Republic of Democratic Republic of the Congo under ITRACOM Holdings

Message From MD

Dear Valued Visitors,

I am delighted to extend a warm welcome to you on behalf of ITRACOM Fertilizers Limited (IFL), a leading provider of cutting-edge organo-mineral fertilizers. Our website is designed to be your comprehensive resource for all things related to organic and mineral fertilizers, and I am excited to introduce you to the world of sustainable and effective plant nutrition.

At ITRACOM, we are passionate about agriculture and the vital role it plays in sustaining our world. As the Managing Director, I am committed to leading our team in the pursuit of excellence and innovation in the field of fertilizers. Our organo-mineral fertilizers (FOMI) are formulated with the latest advancements in agricultural science, ensuring that they enhance crop yield while also promoting soil health and environmental sustainability.

Our Products

Our Vision

To be a top class corporate in the production of quality organo-mineral fertilizers and other soil amendments in the region with dominant position in Eastern, Central and Southern African market.

Our Mission

Enhance rapid agricultural growth through sustainable intensification of agricultural systems and fostering business excellence with focus on maximizing stakeholders’ value by manufacturing and selling quality organo-mineral fertilizers in a reliable, ethical and socially responsible manner.