October 13, 2023 — ITRACOM FERTILIZERS LTD is thrilled to receive  its prestigious recognition as the recipient of the “Best Producer of Sold Fertilizers” award in Tanzania. The award was presented by the Tanzanian Fertilizer Regulatory Authority (TFRA) on the occasion of Global Fertilizer Day, celebrated on October 13, 2023.

The TFRA’s acknowledgment of ITRACOM FERTILIZERS LTD as the leading producer of sold fertilizers   ( FOMI ) underscores the company’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainability in the agricultural sector.

This award not only reflects ITRACOM FERTILIZERS LTD’s dedication to producing high-quality fertilizers but also recognizes the pivotal role the company plays in supporting Tanzania’s agricultural development.

In response to this accolade, ITRACOM FERTILIZERS LTD expressed their gratitude and commitment to continuing their efforts to contribute to the growth of Tanzania’s agriculture industry. The company aims to further enhance  production and maintaining its position farmers in national level.